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In the middle of August 2012, we met Truong Van Son at a mission in Hanoi. The person who brought Son to the hospital was his grandmother. His mother has mental illness; sadly she became pregnant with Son after being rapped whilst she was herding cattle. Son was only 1 kg when he was newborn. His family was struggling for their basic needs and no one could believe that this little baby boy could survive.

Son’s grandmother took him to a mission of Operation Smile Vietnam when he was six months old. Our doctors and volunteers immediately gave him special love and care to the child with big, bright eyes who had never experienced a warm embrace and love from his mother…The entire mission team were touched when they witnessed tears of joy rolling from his grandmother’s wrinkled cheeks when she held Son after the surgery. She quickly wiped off her tears and said: “Thank you so much!”.

Son’s grandmother would like to send her thanks to all of you who are supporting our journey of bringing SMILES to Vietnamese children.

Written by Nguyen Kim Dzung

Program Coordinator

Operation Smile Vietnam



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